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Laizhou city longxing chemical technology co., LTD is located in the rich natural resources of laizhou bay, is located in the scenery charming, economic prosperity of laizhou city development zone, convenient transportation, convenient waterways, railways, highways, the position is superior. This company is by the national famous chemical machinery manufacturing companies - shandong longxing chemical industry machinery group co., LTD., investment to form a collection of scientific research and production in one of the high-tech chemical enterprise.

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Laizhou city longxing chemical technology co., LTD(www.lxhgkeji.com )MainPro:PVC heat stabilizer, calcium zinc stabilizers of environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless heat stabilizer
Tel:0535-2297166 Fax:0535-2359889 Address:Shandong laizhou city east road in north road
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